My new Plextor 716A is slow



Hi you guys,

I have a new Plextor 716A firmware 1.08.

Using either clonedvd og nero, it takes approx. 45 minutes per session. I am aware of that it might have something to do with the medias I use, proparbly are!! Can anyone please explain for a novice like myself about the PowerRec using the Plextor? I have read on another thread that Plextor had taken verbatim off the approval list, is that still so??

In my Plextools Pro 2.25 under cd/dvd copy it is written as follows:

VariRec:off GigaRec:off SeruRec:off Silent Mode:off

Is that what it should say?? AND is there anyone who can explain to me, what they are and why, then I would be most thankfull!! :iagree:

I pushed a wrong botton on my keyboard, which closed the cdfreaks website and wrote this all over again, IF my earlier writing have been posted allready, I appologies! :confused:

Ciao, “The novice in Denmark” Mona :o


its an udma4/ata66 burner therfor an 80 wires ide cable must be used for it to run at full speed, all round ide cables are 80 wires, now about flat ones

a 80wire have blue/grey/black connectors like this

a 40wire have all black connectors like this

if you arent using a 80wires ide cable then get one , also see this dma guide and check dma settings in bios make sure its set to auto , is the drive connected standalone on the ide cable or with another device? if with another is it a hard drive or another optical drive? its not good to connect an optical drive along with a hard drive

regarding the plextor features varirec
GigaRec is for burning a 700mb beyond its original capcity (1gb) i dont recommend using it due to compatbility problems among readers also burning the media beyond its capacity might affect its longtivity , “Silent Modeâ„¢ enables users to vary tray load/unload speed, spin up/down speed” , “SecuRecâ„¢ offers password protection for discs”


Thank you for a quick answer!! Which medias should I go for, when using a Plextor, have read on another thread that Plextor did’nt recommend verbatim anymore, it that true?? Have read the Fuji’s are the one to go for along with TY.



Hi :slight_smile:
Part of the reason Plextor is withdrawing its support of Verbatim, is as a result of Verbatim to change from MCC to CMC.
If you can get MCC (Verbatim) do so. Otherwise Taiyo Yuden is the logical choice. Plextors AutoStrategy was as a result of working closely with Taiyo Yuden.

A lot of Fuji is TY, look for made in Japan.


ok, thank you, but as I buy my medias in Germany, I can’t figure out how to be sure to get the right ones, I normally deals with at will anyone check them out for me, to see if there is something I have missed, the site comes in different languages, simply click on the flag prefered… In advance, TY!!


On that site I see they sell Plextor DVD+R media. This is most definitely Taiyo Yuden media and the best you can get. It’s likely also the most expensive media you can buy. Anyway, on the page I linked to you can see the following information:

Artikelnummer:	2533
Hersteller:	Taiyo Yuden
Gewicht in Kg:	0.500
Verpackung:	Jewelbox
Mediacode:	YUDEN000T02

The mediacode “YUDEN000T02” tells you that the media is manufactured by Taiyi Yuden (the Hersteller/Manufacturer of course also mentions this but I don’t know if all media has this information and if it’s always correct). If you can find other media brands with either the “YUDEN000T02” code or “MCC 003” (like this Verbatim DVD+R media) then you have the right quality stuff.

Edit: one important thing I forgot is that you might want to contact the store you want to purchase your media from and ask them if they will indeed deliver the media with the media ID code you requested. Sometimes companies, because media brands like Verbatim can switch manufacturer, send you media that has the same brand name but a different ID code. For instance, I bought 100 Fuji DVD+R’s, because, according to the online store, they had the Yuden ID code but they sent me 50 discs with a Taiyo Yuden ID code and 50 with a Ritek ID code.


Some MOBOs only the master is UMDA4 on the IDE cable! Make sure your drive is the master to be safe. I use TY002 and Maxell 002 all MIJ.


THANK YOU!! for the help and advice, VERY much appreciated…