My new Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S 1.82



today I got my new Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S 1.82.
I haven’t found any patched Firmware for BT or RPC1. :a
Is it too new? :rolleyes:
Is there someone who wants to get the original FW?
And maybe want to patch it? :bigsmile:
Thanks a lot
Robert from Berlin/Germany


Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:
Dump the new firmware with binflash and upload it to Liggy and Dee.


Thanks a lot and waiting for the Patches!
Robert from Berlin/Germany


Can you send me the firmware? And do you confirm that this firmware supports LabelFlash?


AD-7170S doesn’t have LabelFlash, AD-7173S does.


And the firmware doesn’t need to be sent because it can be downloaded on our Optiarc AD-7170S page. Sorry for the delay.


The seller told me that Nec/Optiarc introduced LabelFlash in this drive a week ago.

In that page i can’t see version 1.82. :confused:

Edit: I saw it now :wink:


Wow; two month later my 1.82 firmware is patched now to RPC1!
Danke Liggy; Du bist der Beste!!!
Gruß Robert


I love my AD-7170S 1.82.
Great burns at DVD-R and DVD-RAM at 12x-Speed is amazing for my images.
Thanks Optiarc and Maxell!


Now tell us you bought 12x DVD-RAM in Germany, lol.


Maybe you are crazy or stupid? :bigsmile: (Sorry)
I bought the Maxells last week on my monthly trip to Japan.
Making a full image of 4.7 GB is about 13 min.
Greetings Robert


Probably you are. :bigsmile:


Robert, sorry if that has offended you, but I had really hoped to get a hint how to purchase 12x DVD-RAM in europe…



Hallo chef, ääähhh hello chief,
no problem; I am a lucky guy with lot of fun. :bigsmile:
Of course, I cannot understand why Maxell doesn’t sell the 12x DVD-RAM here in Europe.
But the shop were i bought these parts is close to me.
I give an order for 12 $US per piece and three days later they are burned in my AD-7170S.
You know were to buy them without having a trip every month to Japan? :smiley:
Grüße aus Steglitz/Berlin


That seems to be the problem.
I would be happy if I ever had seen them near europe, but really nada yet.

Their official statement is like “it could confuse our costumers and damage some drives in the worst case” … makes me think. We already had that scenario and they didnt care that time. So why now?
Probably its just an easy sneak-out… :rolleyes:


No problem for me.
I bought three Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S 1.82 and use only one.
So I never wanna waste my time in burning a DVD-RAM only 5x.
Burning 12x is so nice; I can hear the disk s(w)inging only 13 minutes… :clap:
Greetings Robert


You happy camper! :smiley:


Hi DaRosa!

I just bought one of these drives (the SATA version)this week. I see that mine shows as 1.00, not 1.82.
Where did you find the RPC1 1.82 patched fw? I can only find the stock 1.82 & Liggy’s 1.00 bitset version on L & D’s site… :confused:


Watch #7


ah so…I see it now. :o
Thank you!