My new NEC 3500 is DEAD!

hello guys …

yes i just got my NEC ND-3500 yestrday and it’s completly dead it’s can’t read any CD’s or DVD’s or even write any thing .

the green LED just keep lighting and i hear a strange sound from inside like tek tek tek tek …

any way am gonna return it to the shop and get new one …

but any one know the problem for current NEC ! is it a dead lens ?

here is a pics :

i have the A08 and A07 and am gonna see which one will give me better quality :iagree: :iagree:

by the way guys i was planing to flash my 3500 to 2.17 firmware is it still best ?

Just return it and don’t worry. It sounds like the unit has been dropped. Are there any drop marks on the carton? Or on the unit itself?

The problem indeed sounds much like a dead lens (springs broken or bent).

I have the same problem with my drive, except I’ve had it for about a month now. I burned a coaster CD then after it’s not recognizing any cd’s. It still reads dvds fine, which is odd. Does anyone have any information on this?

Hey paradox1156, I have a similar problem that started yesterday!

Everyhting was Ok until I tried to launch 2 or 3 applications from the CD in a row… they never worked and after that my CD was not recognized anymore (however, it works fine in another PC). Since then I’ve reset my computer, unplugged it, checked the 3500 cables, and even upgraded the firmware to the latest 2.18, but it still recognizes no CD. When I insert one, I get a low “tak” every two seconds, guess it is trying to recognize it, and it goes on for about 50 secs… after that, nothing else happens and XP says the drive is empty.

However, it does recognize and read my DVDs! Really odd!

Before doing an RMA (the drive is 2 months old, and I don’t burn too many discs), I’d like make sure it is a hardware problem in the 3500.

Did you solve your problem? Was it the 3500?