My new nd 3500ag faulty?

Hi guys

I bougth a brand new system with a nec nd 3500ag on board.

I d love to try the drive out but it hardly reads or burn anything.

When I insert a cd it clicks like the cd would be very dirty but it isnt.

I ve bought a tdk lens cleaner thinking of dust on the lens, but no change there neither.

I ve used powerproducer and nero 6 with the last update.

I ve also tried to update the firmware with the tdk harries one, again no change.

What am I left to do send it back? It will cost me a tenner only to get an rma code and I ll have to send the whole base unit back. Am I better off buying a new one? If yes which one is the best on the market (hate nec now)?

Please help :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

I have bought two of those drives and they work perfectly. It could be that you were so unlucky to get a non working drive, but first, is the drive recognised by your system? did you try to burn with different media types? even if until now my drives have burned everything I put on them… If you keep having the same results, return the unit. Nec 3500 is a good drive, at the moment, is among the best ones. BTW, did the flashing go ok?

I have also had this problem but it only happens with cds not DVDs the drive makes a slight grinding noise and enters a logic loop until I eject the cd or reboot the system to access the data.
I was using herries 2.17 firmware but I have now moved on to 2.27, it has reduced the problem but not gone completely, all I can think is the drive crashes and the cd cannot be accessed until a reboot, this mainly happens on my crappy CMC media or a audio cd.
It writes ok but reading can be a problematic occasionaly.

Same here, although it’s a mates drive that’s faulty. It’s his second DVD writer too that’s gone tits up, he’s waiting for his Lite-On 812S to come back from RMA as that had writing errors at the end of DVD-R’s!!

His 3500 also started making ‘clicking’ noises when a CD or DVD was inserted, it has failed while burning CD’s sometimes, didn’t risk trying DVD’s! Each time the unit fails due to it ‘clicking’ it causes error :03 0C 00 - Write Error!

He’s contacted SVP where he bought it to get it RMA’d, I also bought my 3500 with him on the same order, but mine has been fine so far. However, I have noticed a slight ‘clicking’ noise while recording with my drive, but I’m wondering if that is something to do with laser calibration at certain points on the disc (changing zone on DVD) or when the lead out is written as it sometimes clicks then?

Is the clicking the lens moving up/down to focus?

Hi guys

Thanks for the help.

Didnt dare to try any dvd but i ve tried the reccomended verbatim and some tdk cd.

My coaster-maker will get an rma as soon as possible.

The flashing went just fine. I ve used the necwinflash program to dump the original and to flash the dangerous bro one. Anyway I couldn t test it properly as the damn thing is faulty.

I just hope i ll be luckyer next time :slight_smile: