My new Mobo (To replace the one that died)



I decided to go with the Chaintech SKT600, because it seems like a decent board and I can afford it. It was only $42.50 shipped from Newegg, so I decided to go ahead and order it. :iagree:



Looks like a decent board for standard all-day use to me. Price is pretty good (although these boards tend to be somewhat cheaper here in western Europe)!


Right on!


Looks as a good bargain. Will the two USB ports be enough, DJ?


That’s the only thing I didn’t like about it, but I think I can hook up the front USB for additional ports. :iagree:


Well, it looks like I’m gonna have to buy a new CPU too. I was really hoping it wasn’t dead, but it looks like it is. :frowning:


My PC at work crapped out on me today . . . so I may be right in line with you buying some new parts.

It won’t boot up at all . . . I’m thinking it might be a bad PSU but I’m not sure.

Building PCs is fun, but it can be a pain in the freakin’ neck.

Hope your install goes smoothly.


Thanks Bro! I hope your install goes smoothly as well. :iagree:


I didn’t have time to bother with it today, but I did talk my boss into buying me a new laptop. So score one for me . . . :smiley: