My new LiteOn 812S DVD Burner isn't working right

I just bought a liteOn 8x DVD burner. (8x DVD write, 4x re-write, 12x DVD-Rom, 40x CD-R write, 24x CD-RW and 40x CD-Rom).

Now my problem is I can’t launch setup files from CDs. It can read them, but when I double click on the drive, I get a “E is not a valid Win32 Application” error. Same thing happens when I try and launch setup files or autoplay.

First, I tried it on Master with my other CD burner. Since that didn’t work I tried them both on CS and that didn’t work. So now I just have my DVD Burner connected and it’s still not working right. I’ve also updated my ASPI drivers and that didn’t help. It was able to launch a bootable copy on boot, so I’m thinking it’s a software error. It’s not reading DVDs either

What else can I do?