My new GSA-4163B -reads CDs but won't read DVDs - Harware VS Software problem



My burner reads CD’s but won’t even recognize the media if I put a DVD in the tray. The drive read DVD-RAMs a couple of times. I was able to download some jpegs and watch a video (no sound though). Burner is 3 days old. I am running Windows XP 2005 media center. How do I tell if this is a hardware or a software problem?


By performing more extensive tests.


Any hints on what these test might be Grasshopper? I’m pretty new to this stuff.



well now, Kenshin is the guru of LG drives, with lots of experience ( probably more than anybody else here ). Maybe he will take an interest in your predicament and help you if he can. Then again, maybe not.
We will see.


Are you burning with Nero?
Media center could be a problem.
Download some jpegs…?
No sound?


The same happen to me after 1 month of faultless operation.
I believe it is just dead and I’ll have to send it back to where I bought it !
No problem reaidng/burning any CD.


It might be.
Over 3 months here and over 100 DVD’s burned with no problem.
I have had only 2 fails.