My new GSA-4163B cannot enable Nero "Disc Quality" Test!



Hi all,
I received my new GSA-4163B came with A104 FW on July 8,2005 and I have been burning happily for both CDs, DVD+R, and DVD+RW I must say. I used to use LiteOn 812S for burning and Kprobe 2 in scannings, but this drive was faulty now!!
I then discovered that I couldn’t enable the “Disc Quality” test on Nero for any DVDs I burnt no matter what! It displayed “Error initializing test” whenever I tried to run this “Disc Quality” test for Video DVDs I burnt with Nero Burning ROM However it appeared to run other tests O.K. My ASPI layer’s drivers are installed properly and working fine.
Any ideas folks??

Regards :doh:

P.S: The Video DVDs I burnt are “Book-Typed” to DVD-ROM and have up to 3.3GB data in it.


LG doesn’t do disc quality test - do transfer test to see how disc performs - if you want to do disc quality test you will need a drive that supports this eg Lite-On, BenQ


Are you saying that Nero or similar don’t support LG’s GSA-4163 drives, or ALL LG DVD-Writers, in “Disc Quailty” tests?? Basically I have to use other Test Applications for my new LG 4163??

Thanks :doh:


It’s a firmware issue.
Other tools won’t help you in using your LG 4163 to test disc quality.
This feature simply is not implemented in LG firmware.



As mentioned in the previous message, the inability of the LG GSA-4163B to produce a disc quality test is indeed a firmware restriction that exists no matter which software you attempt to use.


Hi, all:
I know that LG 4163 could not support the LiteOn’s Kprobe 2 but I was expecting I could use the Nero’s “Disc Quality” test instead! It is a BUMP that the LG 4163’s HW/FW can not infact DO it. I have either to rely on using the “verification files” in Nero immediately after burning or another DVD-ROM drive which do support Kprobe 2, or Nero’s “disc quality” test instead.
Thank you all for the information as at least I know that there is nothing to do with my OS or SWs.



I have an LG combo (GCC-3540B) drive that was supported in CD DVD Speed up until I opened my big mouth, on the CDRlabs forum. Now I’m stuck using version 3.50 of CD DVD speed, which is fine with me, for now atleast. So its available in this firmware, they just don’t want to enable it in the software.



But you are talking about a different “LG combo (GCC-3540B) drive”, not the LG GSA-4163 by itself. It is therefore quite possible that their FWs/HWs are DIFFERENT! But any way the fact is most people in this forum, myself included, have convinced that current LG 4163 DVD-Writer cannot support DVD “quality” tests! :doh:
Thank you for your information as well.


Maybe people should email LG and ask them to implement it in the firmware.


Error correction on LG 4163 is probably too good to be a valuable quality test drive :disagree:



Hey that worked for the NEC people!


I have e-mailed LG to ask specifically for this today, but despite of talking about Business Implications in my said e-mail I do believe that I need a much “bigger muscle” to convince them, in particular LG keeps on releasing New Models like other Manufacturers and the DVD Standards will change too!


What about a petition?



I don’t think it’s a case of the option just being disabled in CD/DVD Speed for the 4163B. I have the drive and I read about a registry hack to enable the “start” button in Disk Quality Test. Some people used it and managed to get their Pioneer DVD-ROM drives to do quality scans, even though the drive is not supported for that with CD/DVD Speed. I tried it and while the “start” button can be clicked, the drive spins up and then a message pops up saying “scanning is not suppored for this drive”.

Either there are more checks that prevent disk quality scans or more likely, it is disabled in firmware.


Its disabled in the firmware, i dont know why LG doesnt add this as most other drives support scanning.


I found out from another memeber that since my combo drive has the mediaTek chipset it can do error reporting, and with the reg hack it can be enabled in cd speed.


care to share?


Hello, i ve seen the review of 4165b and in one of the tests it used the quality disk, why can’t i use that in my 4163?
both are very similiar, it could be possible use the f4265 firmware, dont?
its a shit can’t use a simply benchmark, we are ignorated about kprobe, and now, out of nero cd dvd speed.

well, anyone could do it?

PS:sorry my english


Hmmm… This makes me wonder… lists ‘AN16’ as the most recent firmware for the 4163B, but as a ‘NEC OEM’ drive. I wonder if firstly, this firmware is fully compatable and secondly, would it support quality testing as NEC have indeed implemented this before due to customer pressure…

OK then, being the adventerous and care-free person that I am, let’s give it a go, firsty, I’m d/loading the firmware from

There - got it - my first question is, will the loader recognise my drive as being valid for this firmware…???

YES!!! It does allow me to upgrade!

OK - here goes nothing… (I’d better cut/paste this post to a text file as I’ll have to re-boot when the upgrade is finished, brb!)

Right! I’m back!!!

After a slightly worrying re-boot, (my 'puter refused to boot into windows first time round, probably unrelated), everything seems OK; the drive was detected and installed by WinXP after another re-boot and appears to be working perfectly.

Now… to test the disk quality test capability…

Unsucessfull with Nero CD-DVD Speed :frowning: The ‘Start’ button is greyed out on the Disk Quality tab, (whereas with the LG firmware, it would allow me to start the test but would immediately stop with an error).

Hmmm… I note the firmware hack mentioned elsewhere - I’ve removed HL-DST from the ‘Blocked’ list but Start is still greyed out… :frowning:

I can at least conform that the NEC OEM firmware is compatable so feel free to test away - I’ll also post an RPC1 patched version of AN16 when I have tome to hack the firmware :wink:

fLaMePr0oF <><


What’s the “mount rainier”?