My new dw1620 PROBLEMS HELP!

I just got my new Benq dw1620 from eggegg and took the old HP 4X dvdr out of my HP system 3200+ and put new benq in its place left jumper as other hp drive on cable select but it reads my new drive as Atapi DVD DD 2X16x4X16 and will read disc but not work record or recognize through nero and installed the oem nero that came with it anybody got any hints id love them

Update Nero, flash the drive to G7P9 or G7T9. Make sure that it is running in UMDA Mode 2. It should now bring you great joy.

The fact that it is seen as ATAPI 2X16X4X16 means your BenQ is an OEM one. You just need to flash it with a BenQ retail FW to see it as a BenQ 1620.
If Your nero doesn’t recognize it, it means you hav’nt got the rigth nero CD. This one belongs to an other drive.
Just make a search through this forum and you will find the procedure to flash it to BenQ firmware.

tried to flash it it says it has g7z9 and wont take b7t9 or p9 what flash do i use its brand new recieved yesterday from egg head

when i tried it says drive not supported

and i usded the nero cd that egg head sent nero oem ??

You see your Drive is an OEM / Bulk drive these drives are usually sold to companies like NU Tech or other companies that dont make drives to allow them to rebrand the drive under their name. Thats why the face plate is blank and doesnt contain the BenQ name though the drive is the exact same as the Retail apart from firmware and the blank face plate. A lot of companies like egg or other online retailers sell both drives either Retail or OEM version of the drive.

At current the firmware support comes in two formats the Retail format which is more supported or the OEM support from BenQ that is ok. You can crossflash an OEM drive to a retail BenQ 1620 / Pro drive which will allow you to use retail firmware updates but this will invaldiate your warranty, if you want to take the risk search the forum the instructions are around. You can get a new firmware for your Bulk / OEM drive here

what version will work found a few that may but its says they are older then i have on it just wants to get this new drive burning… I would think all a person should have to do is plug it in where the other drive was nad updte nero but cant get nerro to read burn with it

Don’t worry about the being older as message. If you are trying to stay on “G” firmware then I’d recommend G7P9 as a good base line since that firmware is pretty solid. Once you know your drive works and want to cross-flash it I’d recommend using B7T9 or B7U9 since I’ve had the most like with those firmwares.

If you want to cross flash it see this thread:

For nero, we have already seen drives delivered with the wrong nero cd !!