My new DVD+-RW not reading any CD'S/DVD



I just installed my new NEC ND2500A drive on my computer. my computer is recognizing the drive but the drive is not able to read any CD/DVD, i tried lot of CD/DVD’s. Can someone please help me?
1)My OS is Windows 2000 Professional.
2)I turned on DMA settings
3) I tried to set the region setting on the drive but it is not allowing, it is saying you donot have the administrative previlages to do but i am logged in as administrator
4) I have Nero installed on my machine
5) DVDInfo tool also able to recognise the drive

Can anyone please help me in this regards THANKS


So the drive can’t read anything? :confused:
If DVDInfoPro recognizes the drive, you should be able to click on the Media Info button to identify your media.
Does this work with a blank disc?


Thanks, DVDInfo also says that there is no media present in the drive


so, you can’t burn anything at all? i had major read problems with my nec before (bought in february) and sent it back to and got a new one, works better still not that well though.


Yes I cant read also, I am planning to send it back to


That definitely sounds RMA worthy.
You may want to throw it into a completely different PC to test before exchanging it…