My NEW DVD burner has problems

When i hooked it to the USB and turned it on, the drive would not close and keep opening unitl i shut off the power. Second, when i insert a blank DVD to burn or a Music CD to play, it doesn’t do anything. When i then go to my computer and double click the Drive icon, it says to inster the disk even though the disk is in the burner. After instering the disk, the drive just closes and doesn’t do anything. I don’t think the disk is spinning either because there is no sound. My dvd burner’s model number is IDVD168DLE, and in my computer, the drive is labeled as HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H10N. THe usb port works fine, this frigging dvd burner is giving me problems. The firmware is JL10. please help me with this problem.

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