My New DVD burner cant read some of my DVD Discs



[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-7200S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi there and sorry if this is a stupid question or already answered question but i’m really Desperate! :frowning: :frowning: So here’s my problem:I was owner of a Pioneer DVR-110D writer and everything was fine till June where suddenly My writer couldn’t Read A perfect Condioned DVD which previously could read!I though that the DVD disc was at fault so used Different Discs and was surprised to see that It Randomly Read some while some other couldnt see them AT ALL!(i was even getting the msg Please insert a Disc if i pressed on the Drive’s icon!)I used a Cleaning tool (Cleaning Disc) but nothing Changed!To be sure i even tried the DVD Discs that Couldnt play to some of my friends Drives and they played flawlessly!!So my DVD burner couldnt read DVD discs that it could in the past so i said the hell with it and Bought SonyNec Optiarc AD-7200S to solve my problem…i was Frustrated to see that NOTHING at all Changed!My New drive continues NOT to read the DVD discs which previously worked fine!!I have my PC about 4 months so i can’t imagine anything hardware to be at fault!I’m really sorry that i Tire you so much with all these details but i want you to have a perfect picture of the problem and the solutions i tried and not worked!Please i’m desperate…Is there a solution?( I have Windows Vista SP1 if that helps too)


Check to see if your DMA is enabled properly on your burners (you can search forum for exact instructions on how to do that.). Next, have you installed any software on your pc such as daemon tools, alcohol120, or any other cd/dvd type softwares?


Well I Had Daemon Tools Pro installed before as well as now…Could DT interrupt something?Because when i formatted i immediately checked with a DVD disc to see if it will work but there was no change(DT was not insatalled at that time)Is there a link that would direct me to the specific post u say about DMA settings that u could provide me?


I found The DMA section!Well i have 4 ATA chanels .Chanel 0 twice and Chanel 1 twice.I checked them and saw that Both Chanel 0 were on Ultra DMA 5.But only one of the Two ATA Chanel 1 was on Ultra DMA 6.The other one was totally blank at the Advanced Settings tab?Has this something to do with the Burner?(My burner is SATA btw if it helps to anything)


Trouble shooting a drive issue, is not a lot different than trouble shooting car problems. You need to start by eliminating things.

Start by removing any software on your pc, which did not come with the pc (ie daemon tools and others). uninstall your dvd burner and reboot. If that doesn’t fix it, check your chipset drivers (are they nvidia). If so, searching this site will show you that nvidia drivers can be problematic, and will instruct you on what to do to fix the problem.

Finally, try physically pulling the drive out of your pc, and try it in another pc. If it works in the other pc, the problem is somewhere within your pc.