My new benq 1650

Starting to look like the benq is not that good of a scanner using nerocd-dvd speed. My question is should I believe the report that my SONY 710A and my Lite -on 1693 give? I get great PI errors but my PI failures are high up to 8 on Benq usingthe same disk using the drives that I list gives no more than 2 and a lot less of them. Benq still give it a quality of 95%. What could be tha cause this?

Benqs report error levels differently than your Liteon, getting higher max and total errors is normal vs. the Liteon. A max of 2 on a Liteon vs. a max of 8 on a Benq is pretty typical, so there’s nothing wrong with your results. If you would like, post a scan from each drive for further evaluation, but nothing sounds unusual from your description.

The BenQ reports PIF summed over 8 ECC blocks where LiteOn drives report PIF summed over just a single ECC block.

This means that a BenQ drive can report a [B]maximum[/B] PIF value up to 8 times higher than a LiteOn drive, even if the two drives are seeing the exact same [B]total[/B] number of PIF.

Different drives, even of the same make and model, will usually show different numbers of PIE/PIF and even consecutive scans of the same disc in the same drive will give (slightly) different values!