My new Benq 1640 is very slow

Hy there,

I just installed my new 1640 as a slave drive in my Dell box. When I use Nero to burn a disc the estimated time seems right and it says the DVD is burning at 8X, but it a full disc took me 40 minutes to burn.(4.5 Gig).

This is after I had wiped my system, reinstalled latest windows updates, updated the 1640’s firmware.

Did I get a broken drive? I noticed the drive is not in DMA mode. I can’t seem to put it in DMA mode. Would that even help?

I’d appreciate any suggestions.


Yes, the drive HAS to be in DMA.

Ok, that’s what I thought. I tried to put in DMA mode but was unsuccessful. I will try to find out how but feel free to give me a clue.


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When you have DMA problems check out this and this.

You should set the drive as master if possible.

Hi, Juz got my BenQ1640 yesterday. My very first DVD Writer. Burnt my first DVD@8x and it took 14+mins. Second burn@8x only took around 8.30mins which i would assume is normal. 40mins sure is absurd.

A simple trick if u can’t set ur drive to DMA. Check from Device Manager which IDE ur drive is connected to. Primary or Secondary. Then from Device Manager, delete the IDE Channel. Restart ur PC and let windows reinstall the IDE Driver.

When my drive is detected as PIO, I will do the same thing and it works everytime. Don’t worry, u only have to do this the first time u add a new drive :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a bunch guys.

This was much easier to fix in Win98… thanks for the ‘improvement’ Bill!

For repeated DMA errors. Windows XP will turn off DMA mode for a device after encountering certain errors during data transfer operations. If more that six DMA transfer timeouts occur, Windows will turn off DMA and use only PIO mode on that device.

In this case, the user cannot turn on DMA for this device. The only option for the user who wants to enable DMA mode is to uninstall and reinstall the device.

I had a similar problem this week, my computer crashed a few times and I had to reset my computer while my dvd (benq 1640) was still trying to read a badly burned DVD without success.

At that time I was taking up to 25 min to burn a DVD!¸

To fix the problem: I disconnected my external DVD, change my firewire cable port position, uninstalled the firewire enclosure drive and DVD burner from Windows XP device manager and rebooted my computer. Now back to normal speed: under 8min per DVD at 8x.

Hope this helps