My new Benq 1620 (OEM) does not recognise any disks - CD-R or DVD

Hi, guys!
I’ve read lots of posts but none seem exactly to be my problem.

My problem is that my new DVD-RW 1620 installs but does not see any disks I put in - it makes a short bussing sound then the light flashes for a bit and then goes out. If I open it in explorer, it says “please insert a disk” and waits.

I have flashed firmware to the latest (G7M9) to no avail and even converted to the B7 series.

My setup is thus:

AMD chip
KT3 Ultra MoBo (VIA KT333 based)
Windows XP pro SP1
Primary IDE Master & slave HDs

Secondary Master DVD-RW

Slave AOpen CD-RW

I have tried :

Uninstalling the IDE manager and devices which are detected. I don’t think it’s a cable problem as I have moved the CD-RW to both positions on the secondary IDE cable and it works at both whilst the DVD-RW works at neither.

Am I missing something simple or do I have a faulty DVD writer?

Hope you can help…


Here is a quick test.

When you insert a DVD in the drive and close the tray - Does the green light stay on ???
When you inset a CD in the drive and close the tray - Does the green light stay on ???

If the green lights doesn’t stay on there is something defective on the drive - RMA it !!!

HI, thanks ffor the quick reply…

There is a short buzz (much less than a second) then the light flashes - 16 times to be exact! - then the short buzz again, same 16 flashes and the cycle one more. The light then goes off. In explorer, it continues to say “please insert disk into drive G”

Is this an RMA situation?