My new avatar

i’ve spent the last 20 minutes making this avatar, how do you rate it?

You have too much time on your hand. Go out and do something.

Damn I think it’s pretty good. It even looks professional. I may be a bit predjudiced though as have a LiteOn drive. :stuck_out_tongue:

You said it took 20 minutes. How were you able to make it?? Maybe even Old Crabby could do it. Looks like fun to me! :cool:

Me likes! What software did you use?

Drop all your other activities and become an avatar designer. Make millions !

Yes, make one for me!

I need a new one, desperately.

I had no votes during the avatar contest. :frowning: :a

Namoh you even have a non-standard sized avvy! Cheaters doesnt get votes :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my first animated avatar, and i always thought i am not creative…

i used fireworks to make it.

Here is a new version,
it represent that i have a liteon drive (812) that by default doesn’t support DL, transformed into DL support (832).

Heehee that’s kinda cool. I gotta try to make something. :stuck_out_tongue:

your skillz is strong, grasshopper!

Translation: I like it. :slight_smile: