My new ASUS DRW-1612BL not recognizing ANY CD formats

I just bought a brand new ASUS DRW-1612BL and it won’t read or burn ANY of the CD formats (even a video game that I bought from the store). It just keeps saying “Please Insert a Disk into Drive D:”

The unit is only 2 weeks old and there are no new firmware updates yet.

However it does recognize and burn DVD’s.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any fixes? Thanks.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Try booting from your OS CD to rule out an OS problem. If it won’t do that, I’d RMA the drive.

If it does boot from the CD, that means it’s an OS problem, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

Probably the Alcohol crap software again?!!?

If booting works, then Alcohol is a possible culprit :slight_smile:

LOL Cheffy, you have such a way with words :bigsmile:

Yup, maybe also the drive has to be set up as bootable drive in the BIOS before that can work…

Yep :iagree:

Thanks to the both of you guys. Unfortunatley I’m currently at work, so I’ll post my results when I get home tonight.

Thanks for your quick replies and if it is OS related then hopefully it’s an easy fix. FYI…I never installed Alcohol, at least not that I’m aware of. Thanks again.

Good to know, that’s one possibility out of the way :wink:

I tried your suggestion and it wouldn’t boot from a Live CD. I’m in the process of contacting ASUS to get it replaced. Thanks for all your suggestions!

It seems luck is somewhat of a factor… the only problem I’ve had with my 1612BL is that it isn’t compatible with Samsung Pleomax DVD-RW. It reads and writes everything else just fine.

I wouldnt even touch that cheapo media. :wink:

it’s cheapo? it costs a ton in Romania… hmmm. It seems my dear countrymen are really greedy if in other countries this media is cheap. It’s something like 1.3 euro here.

Its always fake and crappy.

here is the only firmware info i could find for this drive

This is for the duplicator ONLY, not for the drive.