My new additions

They started coming at7:40 am up to 10:25 am. What a morning. I was getting ready for work and next thing you know here they come. good thing the boss understands :iagree: . These are Jack Russel Terriors

Kewl! What are there names or are you holding a contest? :slight_smile:

If i had to name then I would name them all “Sold”:bigsmile:. I know that 3 are already taken. They just have to pick them out. No really I havent even thought that far yet. It is 11:53 and Im just now eating breakfast/lunch. Been a crazy morning. If people want to pick names have fun;). Im sure the wife will go for it.

Beautiful little babies.


Those are certainly cute little guys-

We had a Jack Russel once and she was the sweetest thing we have ever had-


Awwwwwww how sweet…they are all cute i wouldn’t know how to pick just ONE…

They are very cute!

Kewl, puppies are great. :iagree:


How’s the mum doing?

I think you just sold the other 4 to Sexy_S. :bigsmile:

I didnt know dogs came in such small sizes.

She is doing great. real good with the puppies

That would be nice to get rid of them that easy.

Jack Russels are supposed to be inteligent I was watching some people with one getting it to retrieve

Great. :iagree:

Small sizes = great for crushing (joking!!! ;))

I’d name one… Twister. Always wanted a dog and name it that.