My new sound on recorded DVD

OK, I just got my new 5005 today. Easy to hook-up and easy to set-up. I had something on a vhs tape to record to dvd. The video from the vhs looked great on the dvd the 5005 made. Only problem is…I can’t read lips.

I can get no sound from the dvd when I play it on my standalone Sony dvd player which is hooked up to my home theater system. When I play it back on the 5005, there is sound. When I play it back on my xbox, there is sound.

I’ve tried recording with the audio set on bit stream and pcm. Same result…no sound on the sony. I can’t find where this is covered in another thread in here. What am I doing wrong?

I’m using Taiyo disc which I’ve used for a long time and they always play in the sony.

This sound like an unconected wire, one thing is sure brand of DVD isn’t going to change a thing, test the burned DVD on a pc just to make sure.

Can be a defective input as well, try switching to another input, like the one in the front

If all fail then :sad:

Thanks poor…the dvd plays fine in my xbox and in the liteon. It has sound on those.

The only place I can’t get sound is on the sony player. And that sony player will play anything. There’s something I’m missing. (4 minutes later) The sony is connected to my HTS by Fiber Optic cable. Would this make a difference?

Well…I figured out what I was doing wrong. I went into my HTS audio settings. I changed from optical to Multichannel and Ananlog. I got audio from the DVD in both Multi and Analog.

A thread from March along this same topic got me to thinking. I just had to dumb down my HTS to get it to work. All is well. I’ll let everyone know how this unit works for me.

Got mine 2 week ago, still no problem, I use only branded disk on it to be on the safe side… unfortunately the forrum is full of complaint so it is hard to figure out how many people are actually happy with their unit…