My new 40125S

I just put the drive in yesterday. I’ve already copied and burned several cd’s. But it will not read or write over 1400 kb/s. I’ve used Nero and CloneCd. If you need to know more ask, and help will be greatly appreciated.

Probably DMA is not enabled for a reason or another.

Check that first. Some config’s will not let you enable DMA for all devices :frowning:

I checked and I have DMA enabled. So if it’s not that, then what? Please, any suggestions or ideas are wanted.

Run nero info tool. Download it from

Do it report that DMA isenabled?

Most likely DMA is not correctly enabled. I’ve seen that problem many times in XP, especially with some mainboard brands(like abit:Z).

Yep. DMA is definately enabled. Could it be that the drive is a slave? That’s probably it, isn’t it?

no…It doesn’t matter
I have my LIte-on 32x as slave in the secondary channel, no problems at all… ( I burn at 4800 KBs all the time)


ps: What is your config MOBO, OS, etc?

Use nero CD-Speed, if it reads at full speed then DMA is definitively enabled, if it do not reach full speed(stops at a certain poin and do not increase) it’s definitively not enabled correctly.

Make sure you have all updates from windows update…

All the updates? The security patches and shit?
Could you tell me which updates?
And if DMA is not enabled correctly what do i do?


Maybe that will help? No I definitively don’t know. Some people have never got it working, some people have got it working after a total reformat of the computer, and some by downloading all updates from windows update and/or downloading newer IDE drivers.

damnt this sucks. I will do all the above except reformat. Disabling and then enabling again will do nothing?

You may try. But don’t forget to take a reboot after having disabled it, and another reboot after having enabled it again.

You may try the drive as master as well…just to have tried that also.

Sometimes it will work when trying out solutions that is not logical… :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does Nero CD Speed tell me my max read is 12x. Even when i set it to 48x using Nero Drive Speed?

That’s weird. Mine does that as well from time to time, says max read 12X. Wonder what it is. Actual read speed is of cousrse very heigh (about 2 minutes to read a 70MB CD)

Doing tests to check this out, I have found out that in CloneCD (3xxx and 4), it will not switch to a higher speed, so my max burn is actual 20X CLV. In Nero, it goes all the way to 40X. Hmm!

Anyone else experiencing that?