My new 3500ag

Got some questions on this peice…

using windoz xp…And…why is it in Nero or Alcohol120, when NO disk is put in the drive. it says my max burn is 6x?

if i had a disk capable of 8 or 16 would it move up?
i just tought it should show the highest possible…

ALSO should i upgrade the firm ware?

yes… don’t worry about that.
I have the same issue, and when I put a 8x medium in it, it correctly reports 8x as max speed.


it shows 1-6x until you put in the media, then nero will tell you maximum writing possible using current firmware…

yes, upgrade your firmware

oh alright. thanks man :wink: just wanted to make sure i didn’t get a dud drive. :wink:

you say yes upgrade. ok. ive been reading on the new ones. they kinda mean. well nothign :frowning: im new to dvd. i just got it to backup some “stuff”

witch one should i go with?
i got this file right now

the readme tells me nothing as there’s a couple files to choose from. witch do i want?

MD16FAST.exe - firmware with rip lock only
MD16ORIG.exe - i think original 2.16 stock firmware
MD15RPC1.exe - firmware with RPC1, rip lock

WINBTYPE.exe - bitsetting tool for DVD+R or DL+R, and DVD +RW (only need to run it once and set it to compatibility permanent (no need to run it again even if you change firmware unless u want to change it back to original DVD+R as DVD+R).

this is the windows flasher version, extract the one you want, run th e exe. let it flash, when it’s done, reboot. then run the bitsetting tool (WINBTYPE.exe).

i suggest you use either Herries 2.17 firmware or TDB (the dangerous brothers) 2.F8 firmware (both same), both have SL and DL bitsetting, RPC1 region free, rip lock. , i had get results with these.

not sure link for herries 2.17, gotta do a search for it on forum or ask someone.

so basicly i would run this

MD15RPC1.exe - . let it go. reboot. then run this file? WINBTYPE.exe and im all set?

Basically yes…

when running the bitsetting tool, you just have to configure your booktype setting and that will be it…


ok reading everything, how i got here was reading how you can make dvd+ go to a dvd-
i didn’t think there was much difference between - and +?
also. configure my booktype? there must be something here i can read on that eh? i have no clue what that is. lol :slight_smile: i feel like a newbie. lol. well new to dvd burning anyways. Thanks for your help so far guys!

Booktype will make a DVD+R disk appear as a DVD-ROM disk to older drives, not DVD-R. This feature is very nice to have and increases compatibility of the disks you burn. You want to run Winbtype and set the default booktype for DVD+R SL media to DVD-ROM. That is all you really need to know. Also, once set, you don’t need to worry about it anymore as it will automatically do it for all DVD+R SL media.


By being able to reset the booktype in both my 3500’s i’ve been able to read my +R’s on my Onkyo stand alone (couldn’t read the +R disc before I changed)-


sweet. i did all that stuff yesterday. was able to burn a 8x sony at 16x
pretty sweet!
thanks alot guys! :smiley: