My Nero shows only the wizard screen!

I read all your reviews on Nero and its pretty informative. The prob i am having is that when i just installed my nero it (5.5 something) loads the entire classic view but today when i checked its only the wizard screen how can i get my classi screen?

pls advice and also tell me how can i get the upgrade?

thank mate

If Nero loads up and displays the Wizard, click ‘Close Wizard’ and you should get the Classic View. If only ‘Nero Express’ loads up, click the button ‘Nero’ on the bottom and click OK to confirm and you should get the Classic View.

If you’re told to visit Nero’s homepage and it refuses to switch to Classic view, then there’s something wrong with the Serial key you are using. I seen this happen with mates using a serial key from a keygen or off the web and then tried updating Nero.