My nero score lowers always right out of the gate

When ever I do quality scans using nero, the % aways lowers right away, at the the begining of the disc. Is there something I can do to tweak my burns at the start, because this happens 95% of the time.

Hi mattyboy :wink:

What the heck has CD/DVD Speed´s reported “quality score” to do with your burn.
It’s the amount and level of PIe/PIf that really matters.

Just forget it. It’s not reliable or representative in any way for your burn quality.
Sure, nice to look at for those knowing nothing about burn quality. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, here you have a 95% coaster, scanned with BenQ 1620Pro. Reliable?

The quality score seems to be based soley on PIF. As soon as the first PIF error shows up the quality score is going to drop below 100. Quality score doesn’t mean a whole lot, as pinto2 said.

well whats the total in each error section that a disc should reach before its considered a poor burn?

The number of errors isn’t what’s important, it’s the maximum and average values. Scanning with the DW1620, PIE should not exceed 280, and PIF should not go above 32 I believe.

I hope some of the “hard core” BenQ users can answer this because I haven’t a clue after more then two weeks intensive testing. :frowning:
As proven (at link) above, a “perfect” scan on BenQ 1620 ended up in a 100% coaster.

I still rely on my beloved Litey @832 when quality scanning. :bigsmile:

BTW, I recommend you to run a transfer test on your NEC at highest speed possible. If still unsure, make a Scan Disc test in Nero CD/DVD Speed. :cool:

well it seems that these numers go hand and hand with the quality score so I think it still applies, there is obviously a correlation.


Generally single spikes like that of the scan in the 832S can be ignored; indeed the unrecoverable error seems to happen before that spot on the disc, but neither scan showed anything. A very strange case indeed.

Perhaps people are thinking about quality scores in the wrong way.

Experience shows that some media will not play at all in some DVD players, or it will start to play, and then pause and skip. This is despite the fact that it might have GREAT quality scans and zero PO Failures.

And the BenQ has definitely shown that its quality scan doesn’t always catch an error that will cause a disc to coaster.

So, if we don’t trust the quality scan, then why use it at all?

Because, although it WON’T show us if the disc was burned perfectly, it will allow us to visually eliminate an obvious BAD burn. Since there are a LOT of things that can cause a bad burn, it’s good to be able to rule out at least some of the more obvious ones.

is this for real? 100% quality score, I’ve never seen or believed it to be possible!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

I think Mattyboy is using an older version of CD-DVD speed that doesn’t support PIF scanning on the BenQ, and that limits the read speed to about 2x. Mattyboy, you should download the latest version of CD-DVD Speed and rerun the test for more accurate results.

Hand in hand with your other posts, I would say… :confused:

swifty7, no need to get that exited. I have seen a lot of scans but still none with zero PIf´s…
Sure, it might be possible but not on drives you and I have. :wink:

go screw yourself, you be happier if you little dvd burning world was kept between you and a few other hardcore geeks? lol do you list “dvd drives” as a hobby on the dating sites you visit? pllleeease! :Z

you see the reason I got so excited is because even if you put an original movie dvd brand new out of the box without any scratch whatsoever wouldn’t give a 100% quality score. Then again I could be wrong!!!

Mattyboy can you please give us a 8X scan of the same media with the latest version of cd-dvdspeed? I’m curious!!!

I get a 99% score when I scan my MCC 004 burn at 6x speed, but Mattyboy’s scan shows he scanned at below 2x, so I guess Two Degrees is right.

It’s even more strange if you think of the fact that this disc was perfectly readable when scanning (at the same speed like with the tranfer rate test).
Honestly, what have you done to the disc between scanning and transfer rate testing? :bigsmile:

You come here, ask for advice and then disrespect the exact people whom you seek advice from.

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Every ERROR is repeatable… :smiley:

Here is my 100% scorer. / joke :bigsmile: