My Nero Disc Scan speed crawls along at 1X

I need some help guys,

My Nero Disc Scan speed on my new BenQ 1620 crawls at 1X speed. I’m not referring to the nero “ScanDisc” feature, but the disc scanning feature that can detect those PI and PIO errors.

Currently my config is:
Using default Windows IDE drivers
2 IDE Channels only
IDE 0 Channel fully connected to 2 HDD (1 master, 1 slave)
IDE 1 Channel fully connected to 2 Optical Drives (1 BenQ 1620 Master, 1 ASUS 16X DVD-ROM slave)
Using 80-pin cable on IDE 0
Using 40-pin cable on IDE 1
BenQ 1620Pro is a new DVD burner using stock “T”-version firmware.
I also have an additional SATA HDD connected to my comp.

Can anyone help?

Also, I’m planning to upgrade my IDE drivers to nf4 drivers as I am having some problem with my HDD transfer rates. Will using nf4 IDE drivers affect the disc quality scan program (I heard from some that nforce IDE drivers cause conflict).

Finally I read that I need a 80-pin cable for it to work. Is this true? Must I really go buy a 80-pin cable, cos my mobo came bundled with only 1 80-pin cable that is currently used for my HDD

Use the latest Nero CDspeed:

…and latest firmware.

Using the B7T9 firmware. Came with my BenQ drive. I understand it’s the latest, unless you are talking about B7U9, which I read that some pple said that it wasnt that good, and is only recommended if I need to disable WOPC.

like i said again in your thread in HWZ…have you tried the latest cd-dvd speed…3.80