My nero 5 cannot detect lite on 48x12x48



hi i'm new to these forums and i'm glad to be story is that i bought the lite on 48x12x48 and installed the new software that came with it (nero 5)

turns out though, that it doesn't detect my new cdrw...what is going on here? please reply, i would really appreciate it.

Thank You.


Try to upgrade to nero, availible as a free update from


first of all, sorry for the cross posting, it won’t happen again.

secondly, your suggestion seemed to work but when i tried to enable my cd rw with the option “recorder -> choose recorder”…this statement comes up

“sorry this nero version can only be used with the recorder it has been bundled with” do i have to purchase another copy of nero?


yes you do need an other copy…or do a little search on the net…
can’t say more…:wink:


If it was bundled with Nero(should be):

1: it was a new un-opened package?
2: Run back to the store and get a new nero version… since a working version should be included. (note that the Nero version will work with the Lite-On only, not with other writers).

If the package was opened then somebody at store have probably put in a wrong version for a reason or another.


damiandimitri :
…or do a little search on the net…can’t say more… :wink:

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


hehe i got it, thanks…

the net is a big place…very big :smiley:


u name it ! :wink: :bigsmile: