My NEC3500A fail at 6x->8x speed change point

My nec3500a works fine for more than 3 months before.
But I got a problem that burn disc always fail at 6x->8x speed change point recently.
At this point , PI/PO error will raise and over spec.I don’t know what happen with nec3500a. I have try firmware 2.FC ,2.T9(LD),2.18beta12(LD) and use CMC
AE1/fuji M03 media.Who has similar issue like me?
I will try any official firmware later.Hope my nec3500a still health and work.

could be doddgy discs what brand are they?

and when you say fail at 6X>8x, do you mean the burn stops?

you say pi/po error`s rise can you post a scan and transfer rate test?

Thanks for your reply.
VIO brand (CMC MAG AE1 8x -R) burn at 8x
Burn process will finish normally, but transfer rate test can’t finnish
and alway get io error at 2.35G (6x->8x point).and run kprobe I get
normal pi/po value through whole disc , except 6x->8x poiint at about 2.35G
I will post a scan later.

Time to try a better media.


Yup - Sounds like another case of Crap Media!!


i agree with furballi & mike, its more than likley poor media. try better quality media. and any VIO`s you have left burn at 6X or slower.

as the old saying goes - crap in = crap out :iagree:

Addd kprobe scan

scans should be done at 4X, and leave the disc in until you have saved the image.

uhhh actually that is a CD not DVD scan. it would have pi/pif not c1/c2 errors plus the amount of sectors is wayyyyy off, it is missing ecc blocks line, plus for some reason he pulled the disc out which does not let us see what kind of disc it is…see attached

It’s a DVD alright… approx. 2.5GB. :slight_smile:

And I think smyang by accident scrolled with mouse wheel, like in my attachment. (KProbe and BenQ…? Funy.)

My kprobe scan is actually done by 4x with cmc mag AE1 media.
Just because I remove the disc out before save the image.
Sorry for confusing you.