My NEC nd3520a gives me greyhair can anyone help?



Hi out there. I have a problem with my NEC nd3520a. Hope anyone can help, I am no IT- expert. I installet NEC as a master and my other dvd-rom as the slave, they both is installet on the same IDE-cable. The machine is a DeLL P4 2.8 with 512 mb ram, Windows xp-home and Nero Every time i try to burn either from the other DVD-rom or my hard drive, it failled after 5% it did start the burning process. Can it be the Nero version i have to change, its an older one??? I have dumped the 1.04 firmware and flashed the 1.24 in sted! :confused: :confused:


Have you enabled Ultra DMA on hds and dvdrw? Also try upgrading to Nero 6.


You need nero! I had the same problem…


Thanks you for your help. Il try those things first :slight_smile:


Hey Paradiddle: where can i see and change the DMA settings, and can i download Nero somewhere… Iam still no expert, but full of energi :stuck_out_tongue:

#6 <— Click


Right Click My Computer Icon/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager/IDE ATA Atapi Controllers.