My NEC ND-2500A has trouble ripping!

My Specs are the following:
Mobo: Soltek SL-75MRN-L
CPU: Barton 2500 with stock HSF
Vid Card: Ati Radeon 9500 softmodded to Radeon 9700
HD: WD 120GB Special Editon 8 MB cache
RAM: 2X256 MB Corsair XMS modules
DVD-+RW: NEC-ND-2500A with latest Herrie’s hacked firmware.

My NEC-ND2500A is having trouble ripping using DVD Decrypter. It recognizes the drive and the dis, but it starts ripping at 50 KB/s, or 0.0x, eventually it increases to 0.2x, but it has errors and has to do several retries.

I know this drive isn’t the fastest in terms of ripping but a disc still shouldn’t take more than 20-30 min. to rip.

Thanks, Jonathan.

Sounds like you’re problem is the drive is using PIO mode instead of DMA. Get into your device manager and check the IDE controller. If that’s the problem you more than likely are using the Nforce controller drivers. Delete that driver and use the Standard MS drivers. Will detail if you need more.

I switched my drivers for the standard MS ones and while DVD Decrypter still didn’t work, SmartRipper ripped at a blazing average of 4x :).

I’ll just use my brother’s drive and rip over the network to my computer because I want to prevent my drive from getting worn out.

Hey ,if its movies your backing up, give DVDSHRINK a shot !!
Rips,encodes and allows you to customize the shrink to fit on DVD !!! If you use Nero, the program can auto burn too !

I used Smartripper for a couple of years as part of my VCD creation setup. Great program. But you can find a link on this forum for the Dvd Shrink, It’s free !!!