My NEC 3550 (fw1.06) does not read the dvd that I burn?

Hi to all, just a quick question.
I use Nero ( to burn some That’s (TY) DVD-R 8x discs with my NEC 3550. They burn ok, they can be read by other computers and dvd players but when I try to read the disc from the drive itself I get the windows error "cannot read from this disc…etc).
Strangely if i use isobuster I can extract the data on the disc.

and finally when I use That’s DVD-R 16x I don’t have this problem. Do you have any idea what’s going on.
P.S I don’t have installed InCD, daemon tools or any other similar progs

I’ve seen many people have this problem the little time I’ve been reading about dvd burners to try to resolve some of my own issues. My 3550a did the same thing, tried various firmwares, crossflashing, cleaning lens etc. Nothing helped. I just accepted it and bought 2 other dvd burners.

Here is my thread if u wanna read, dont think there is any help in it for u though. :frowning:

Others have posted similar problems with NEC 3520 through 3550 burners including my 3520 drive which doesn’t read burned -R video but reads +R video with no problem. Best soltion is to stick to +R media or use Bagge’s solution and get another burner which was my solution as well.