My NEC 3500A problems

Hey everyone!

I just got my drive recently and I’m using TDK TTG01 dvds and them seem good… The thing is though, when im burning with nero, the buffer goes nuts.

For example just now i burnt a dvd and the drive buffer was at 97% stable and the read buffer was fine but when it got to about 22% the drive buffer dipped alot then went back up to 92% and continued to hover around 92% (flucuated to 94% and 89% for the rest of the burn)

Another problem is that with DVD-CD speed when i try to run a quality test of the same disk in my NEC 3500A drive it wont let me… says error initializing or something :\

So i put it in my dvd-rom which works… and its still running the test now (65%)
The PI errors is at a max of 65 (was at around 20 before it got to the point where nero started going wack and is climbing from there)

the pi failures is at a max of 3 still

It just finished with a max of 4 PI failures and 92 errors

also what is PO??

Thanks for your help guys… :o

Just made a test disk using dvd-cd speed and i will post the picture if someone can tell me where i can host it :o

Can someone at least tell me why i cant run the quality test using my burner?? or why some disks dont read in my burner when they do in my dvd-rom (like a did a test dvd with cd-speed and it only read in my dvd-rom… said insert disk for burner)