My NEC 3500A DVDRW buffer is going down

Hello, I am a new member of CDFreaks and I have a big problem:
the write buffer of my NEC3500A drive with 2.F8 firmware is going mad (i mean isgoing down and up to 99%); I’ve already install Adaptec ASPI driver on my Win 2003 Server SO.
What can I do in order to fix that?
Thenks a lot

Excuse my poor English

Mihai Manoliu

do you have DMA on, check with InfoTool.exe
do you have a virus
what is your cpu usage in the burning process

ps. when burning the buffer dose drop about 5 times over the whole of the dvd this is the WOPC checking the writing calabrations for the media in use

Thanks man,

i don’t know that drive do “calibration” through recording time, and i worryed.

If you say that droping (aprox, 5 times) is OK (touching 7% of write buffer) than I can say the drive is fine for me - write all DVD I load into it.

One more problem: it’s happend to leave the sesion open when i write CD (Primedisk) resulting a non readable compilation.
Did you meet this problem?
It’s a real problem? or it’s happen some times?

TX. Techman