My nec 3500 suddenly dosn't read dvd-r

i tried updating my firmware to 2.1b modified didn’t help
i can read dvd+r and regular cd-r
i tried changing the dvd regions didnt help as well.

i tried windows system restore and uninstalling every virtual cd-rom progs (alcohol 120%, daemon-tools)

any ideas?

btw im using memorex dvd’s


Memorex media - that’s your problem.

Use better media and try again.

iv been using memorex dvd-r for along time never had a problem and
i got a friend with exacly same dvd drive no problem
btw i can even burn those cd’s with no problem but i can’t read them

and b4 the windows boots the drive reads the cd ok
i mean i put centos os in the drive and and centos installions starts booting up

I had same problem with NEC 3520A which would burn at 12x Ritek G05 which is 8x -R media with firmware version 3.05, but it won’t burn those same disks at all after update to 3.07 firmware. The problem may be able to be corrected if you can find previous firmware version and back flash to that version which I plan to try on my 3520A when time permits.

What should that prove really…
Media is not only different anyway, suppliers like Memorex constantly changing their sources and the MIDs too.

i tried downgrading the firmware didnt help and i mean using the sames exacly the same dvds
he nec can read my cant

and the same -r i cant read now USED TO WORK FINE

I doubt they are “the same”, again.

dude i burned them they worked
now they dont
im not talking about a diffrent box of cds, same box of cda that already worked
and the those exact same cd’s work on another nec 3500 and lg gsa-h10a no but on my they dont

Same box or other, makes no difference.
Any media can be different and mostly is.
And with cheap media, you will even get different mediacodes on discs within their spindles. :wink:

I agree with you dude. I have the same problem. I can write disks but the drive won’t read them. Mine are DVD+R though.

I’ve tried a few other types of media but it won’t read the completed disks once they are burned.

It seems that a few folks only have one answer to every question. “its the media”.

so how can u explain that media that worked stoped working did the mediacodes
changed with time?

and if the media is cheap and doesn’t work why does it work on other drives
even same models and same firmware

kinda odd no?

Happens all the time from what I’ve read here, it is mostly from quirky drivers going mad…

The adam12345 downgrade failing to correct the problem may well answer my doubt about downgrade working. The reason for the doubt is a post I read on the LiteOn LVW-5005 standalone recorder in which the user upgraded to latest LiteOn firmware to correct a 16x media problem with the 5005, and then downgraded to the region free/macrovision free hacked firmware resulting in the 16x media problem still fixed. This I think indicates some things are changed during upgrade that remain changed after downgrade, and I fully expect my Ritek G05 incompatibility to remain for my 3520A when I downgrade. I was hoping downgrade would be a fix, but I now doubt it. I’ll let you know what happens when I get to it.

Sorry for the bump, but adam… Did you solve the problem? I have the problem now with my DVD-R’s and have a NEC6650. Any luck?