My NEC 3500 broken?

Hi, i have many cd-r that seems to be partly unreadable with my nec 3500 when i do nero disc surface scan test. But my older Lg cd-rw drive says the discs fine and compeltely readable.

I’ve heard nec 3500 isn’t very good reader but should i replace this by warranty or is this normal behavior?

The LG may be a better reader. Reading bad CD-Rs is not an NEC strong point. I personally have not had any CD-R read issue with the 3500A.

These cd-r are made by Maxell and TDK. On maxell discs it says made in japan


Using latest firmware?
I was just reading a bad cd-r on a 3500 with fw 2.16, almost at once I got errors, same cd in a another 3500 with fw 2.18 was now ok…

Yes, same problem with 2.16 and 2.18…

NEC burners are poor reders.
Try to read problematic media at lower speeds, eg. using Nero Drivespeed.