My NEC 1300 is stuck in 2x mode

I can’t read or write faster than 2x with my NEC1300A.
Of course, my first suspicion was that stupid XP problem where it gets stuck in PIO mode. So I checked my primary and secondary IDE driver and unfortunately they are both saying that either they’re in UDMA 5 mode, or UDMA 2 mode. None are in PIO mode…
I haven’t a clue what to do about this stupid drive. Sucks burning at 2x all the time.

My stats:

KT333A chipset.
which supports ATA133 and has two channels.

My two hard drives on are on the primary connector
On the secondary connector I have the NEC 1300A as the master
and the Toshiba DVD-ROM drive as the slave.

Which firmware does your NEC1300A have? Have you tried flashing w/ a newer or hacked firmware? Google for The Firmware Page.

What burning software are you using? Is it in trial mode or do you have a full registered install?

You should try flashing your firmware if you haven’t already. The media you are using could be the problem, but a firmware flash might remedy that.

When you insert media that can only be written at 2x (that is determined by the writing strategy that’s stored in the firmware), the wiriting speed of the writer will be limited to 2x.

For good firmwares, visit Herrie’s site!

I found the problem. Some of my Ritek G04 media can only be written in 2x mode now…I went and bought a Sony 4X DVD-R and it worked fine.