My ND1300A Wont Read DataSafe CDR

Hi guys,

I have a NEC ND-1300A DVD Writer and I have recently purchased DataSafe Media Silver Premium 80 min CDR’s, however my burner doesnt recognise these CDR’s.

I have the 1.08 Firmware that came with the machine does any1 know if its worth updating to the official 1.0a firmware to make my drive read these discs.

I recently went to Herrie’s NEC portal site but I couldnt find a tool there to back my current firmware up b4 I risk the flash upgrade.

If any1 knows a link where I can download a util to backup my current firmware I would be very greatful.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Sure, The Dangerous Brothers have a 1X00 DOS firmware utility that you can use to backup your current version.

I would definitely recommend flashing to 1.0A! :iagree:

Thanks for the reply buddy ive updated to the official 1.0A now I will have to test it on Datasafe CD-R’s :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ive just tested my burner with the new updated 1.0A and you were right it now reads Datasafe CD-R’s, thanks again for your help wesociety i really appreciate it buddy. :smiley:

Great to hear! :smiley: