My ND-4550A doesnt work any more :(

Hi to all! First of all, sorry for my not-so-good english :slight_smile: (not from an english speaking country :stuck_out_tongue: ). Now straight to the problem i have. I was burning an audio disc in Nero and it finished with no errors. But then i wanted to burn another audio disc, with other tracks. When i was trying to close the previous explorer window in Nero, the damn thing chrashed. I tried with ctrl+alt+del but the computer didnt react. So i restarted it manually. When it was turning back on, it stopped on one of the black screens before the XP loading, on the one that shows info on IDE drives etc. On the bottom of the text, there is a msg ~ like this “Load ATAPI from CD-ROM:_”, it stays like that for about 20 seconds and then repeats once more(!but if i open the NEC DVD-RW, it moves on in an instance, no repeating of the quote above!), and the loading continues, but not so fast as it did ussually. Both LEDs stay on continuoslly, the one on the ND and the on for hard drive, the Windows is loading (the moving bar animation). But just before the log-in window, the screen turns all black. This is like that for about 10 seconds, after that the Windows log-in screen shows.
When i’m in Windows and insert a CD or a DVD in the drive, both LEDs turn on again, nothing happens, just the mouse pointer gets a CD icon from time to time. And the drive makes some strange noises… The hard disk seems very busy, so does the CPU.

I have another DVD drive, but its just a reader. They are connected with an IDE cable, on IDE 1, it’s connected on NEC (jumper set to master) and then continues to the other drive (jumper set to slave). The other drive works normally by the way.

What do you think could be wrong? Is the laser dead? Or the motor? The drive is still in warranty though. I was trying to flash the FW too, but the realised it cant be done cause my ND-4550A is an OEM device.
I would be really greatfull for any help, i’m so desperate :frowning: And sorry for my english again :slight_smile:

*edit: I searched the forum and saw some ppl posting about simillar problems… Plz help :confused:

*edit nr.2: I forgot to mention a thing before - i was using a Sony 700 MB CD-R disc when burning the audio CD.

i sometimes encounter this problem. the only solution which might avoid thi problem again is to burn at lower speeds, e.g burn dvds at 4x to 8x.

i think that it might be a problem with this model cuz i found similar cases on another forum.

please could you post your system config here, i’ll compare it with mine and other having same problem.