My ND-1100A no longer recognizes DVDs (pressed or burnt)

Hi All,
First off this is my first post. Been reading a while and have gotten a lot of valuable info. Hats off to all the moderators and all the knowledgeable people that have contributed to posting.

Got a problem & wondered if anybody can help. I recently flashed my ND-1100A (that came with a Dell 8250) bought about a year and 3 mos. to 10GE and was working OK and then I got a little bold and played around with some other flashes and somehow messed up the drive. It no longer detects any DVDs and solely acts as a CD-Rom reader. It does not recognized store bought DVDs or DVDs (+R, +RW) I burnt. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I’ve tried flashing and reflashing back to 10GE with no luck. Of course, the warranty has run out. Is it time to upgrade as the drive is somewhat old as I gather from reading all the other posts. I was thinking of getting a 3500A.

Any comments/advice/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and hopefully posting a response.