My mystery



i have a compaq presario notebook with xp pro i bought a pcmcia to usb 2.0 card with a
external 16x dl benq dvd burner i incerted the card drivers installed fine pluged in burner and also
drivers installed fine when i checked in my device manager all my driver said they were working
properly but when i try to burn a dvd with nero 6.6.06 or any other software it only burns at like
1x the funny thing is if i start a program at the same time i am burning such as winrar to compress a file it jumps my cpu
level to 100% then it burns fast it seems like if my cpu is 50% it burns at 4x if my cpu level
is 100% it will burn at 8X if i run no programs at the same time i am burning it burns slow i tried the same card and same burner in a diferent notebook and
it installed the driver on its own and worked fine i updated my bios and reinstalled os this
makes know sence to anbody i asked about this issue any help would be great


“Any help would be great” ? Here’s you go:

You have obviously mastered the use of the Shift key, since you are able to type such interesting characters as the “percent” sign - good. Now let’s take it to the next level, shall we? Here’s a clue: sentences start with a capital letter. Furthermore, they end with either a period, a question mark, or an exclamation mark. I’d advice mastering the simple “period” ending first, before moving on to the more advanced sentence ending characters. It’s so easy to get carried away with exclamation marks, let’s try to avoid that.

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you got the point of my ? so quit complaining but im sure you wont people like you never do


Cousin80, this is an English only thread, not a chat thread. It would help a lot if you could type your sentences properly. Then people would be more willing to help you.


maybe you should check that your drive is in dma mode because you know if it
is still in pio mode then it will be slow you know you can read for instance this
thread in any case this is
not really a question suited for this forum so i’ll move you to another place oh
and by the way on top of what others said a meaningful title could help too


A moderator that doesn’t understand USB vs dma/pio???


Unless I’m wrong, moderators are people you know.


If you put some “quality” into your post, then perhaps others MAY be willing to help.


I am sory about my grammer I never asked a question here before. Other forums
never complained about it but i guess this one is higher class or somthing. I will never do it again


It’s just hard to understand your problem without the , and . Sounds like you may have an underpowered PC or other malware running in the background.

Writing DVD data is a very CPU intensive task. Leave the PC alone when you burn data to the DVD.


I wrote it again mabe it makes more sence now.

I have a Compaq Presario notebook with windows xp pro. I bought a PCMCIA to USB 2.0 card with an external 16 x dl benq DVD burner. I inserted the card drivers installed fine, plugged in burner drivers installed fine. When I checked in my device manager all my driver said they were working properly, but when I try to burn a DVD with Nero 6.6.06 or any other software it only burns at like 1x. The funny thing is if I start a program at the same time I am burning to jump my CPU level up to 100% then it burns fast. It seems like if my CPU is at 50% it burns at 4x if my CPU level is 100% it will burn at 8X. I tried the same card and same burner in a different notebook with same OS. It installed the driver on its own and worked fine. I updated my bios and reinstalled OS this makes know sense to anybody I asked about this issue. Any help would be great.


Are you running any AV software in the background? That may slow it down. Also, run some checks with Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware. Both are available free on


I reinstalled my OS with my card and burner plug in. When it got done instaling the first thing i did was defrag my hd and install nero to be sure no other software was interfearing. still burning slow


Hmmm. It may be worth checking DMA is enabled, but I can’t really see that being the cause.


Exactly how does one check DMA for a PCMCIA USB2 adapter???


Ugh, sorry, and thanks for pointing that out. I shouldn’t be posting this late.


Most run of the mill laptop hard drives are only 4200RPM with transfer rates of only 15-20MB/s. 5400 RPM hd aprox 25MB/s & 7200RPM upto 35MB/s.

Please ensure that UDMA is on for your HD. Otherwise your HD will be painfully slow.

Also ensure that you have installed the latest USB updates from microsoft (service pack 1 & above).

USB is very cpu intensive, it was never really designed for high data throughput, the interface was designed for small bursts of traffic. USB2 was a speeded up version of an unsuitable interface.

Given that 4x is approximately 5.5MB/s, 8x is 11MB/s, perhaps the HD in the laptop simply cannot keep up with the writer, especially over a USB interface & if UDMA is not on for the HD.

Also, what is the CPU speed of the laptop?


personally, i typically write in lower case. i have never had a complaint to date. so if anyone wants to complain go for it…

what’s with the arrogant attitude being displayed in this thread? folks need to get off their high horse. not eveyone looking for help is an english teacher. the point of the forums is to help people. while the original post had poor grammer and lacked punctuation, the content was completely understandable.


I’m sorry but that wasn’t arrogant - well I wasn’t anyway. True of what you said, but you don’t need to be an English teacher to put in at least some punctuations.