My multi recorder cd/dvdram cant read dvds

last night i was putting a vob file onto dvd using dvd santa and all of a sudden it crashed, a message came up saying ‘KEY,ASC,ASCQ,ASCLEN = 3,c,0,10’ then another message come up saying tracking error write data failed. so i pressed ok and waited for the disk to come out, i waited 5mins then realised my computer had crashed so i tried to eject the disc but no luck so i reset the computer and it crashed as soon as it restarted so i turned it off by the switch, ever since it wont read my dvd’s but it reads my cd’s i managed to get an mp3 on disc so it’s just a problem with the dvd’s. not sure if anyone can understand what i mean but i would be grateful for any information that can be given, thanks for taking ur time to read this.