My MP3s won't play in my car!

The owner’s manual of my Chysler Pacifica says that I can play MP3s in my stereo, but every effort I have made to create a CD with MP3 files (they all play on the computer fine) results in an ERROR message. The owners manual talks about ISO 9660 Level 1 and Level 2 standards, number of directories, number of files, and number of folders (I thought I only had one folder, one directory, and so far, only 155 files/songs). My recording software just doesn’t list all the detail that the owner’s manual seems to require. Does anyone have any ideas?

The first think to check IMO is if the type of MP3 you are using is supported by your car player. Some players don’t accept VBR, for example. My very old audio car player only accepts CBR 128 Kbps. What “flavour” of MP3 are you using?


not sure. What’s VBR & CBR? All I know is that my owner’s manual says that these are the requirements:
ISO 9660, Level 1 and Level 2, including the Joliet extension.
Maximum number of files is 255, 15 directories and 100 folders.
Level 1 will only read 12 characters
Level 2 will only read 31 characters
ID3 Tag information for artist, song title and album title are supported for version 1 only.
Use CD-R media, single-session discs (enable Disc at Once)
My burner does mention ISO 9660, and Joliet, as separate choices, but I have no idea is I’m using Level1 or Level 2, or Level 3…I only try to use one directory, and one folder. I used CD-R media, single session (Disc at Once). The burner, incidentally, changed song titles when I had too many charactors…

But, that VBR and CBR stuff…I don’t know what that is…Variable Bit Rate?

VBR == Variable BitRate

A good test should be the following: make some mp3 files at 128 kbps, CBR. As far as I know, any mp3 player should be able to play them. Burn them on a CD and see if it works. If not, then there is some other problem…

Can you give some more details?

In particular:

[li] recording software used
[/li][li] source of your mp3 files (i.e. self-made or not)
[/li][li] if mp3 files are self-made, what program/encoder do you use to make them

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Another thing to consider is did you “close” close the session on the MP3 CD?

Also, my Ford manual mentions a factory MP3 CD player, but it is only one of a few options. Are you sure that you have the MP3 player option on your factory car stereo? Do you see “MP3” printed on the unit in the car? Most every car stereo unit I’ve seen that can play MP3 CDs will have “MP3” printed on it somewhere. Its a modern feature that companies who make the unit will almost certainly want to promote in such a way if it has that capability.

Just somethings to consider…

And don’t use Multisession or SAO too.

DAO is the choice for AUDIO CD.

Does it actually play a normal Audio CD that you’ve burned as opposed to an MP3 CD?

If it doesn’t then it’s down to the media & that’s a different issue.