My MP3 CDs making pop/cracking noise in my car

When I play my Mp3 CDs in my car many songs have severe CRACK! sounds.

Some artists don’t do it and some do. Sometimes it can happen 20-30 times throughout a single song making it unbearable to listen to. It wouldn’t bother me so much if they were so loud and startling.

It always happens in the same spots in songs. All the mp3’s sound fine on my computer and Mp3 player so I don’t think it’s bad compression.

Am I burning them too fast or what? Are they just errors in the burn.

I use WinXP’s built in data disk burning software. (Drag and Drop)

Any suggestions would be greatly apreciated

I’m using a Pioneer DEH-2800MP and Memorex CD-R
Most of my files are WMA 128Kbps - 192Kbps

Welcome to CD Freaks.

It sounds like disc read errors. Try a different brand of disc
and/or a different burn speed. If possible, try a different

If that doesn’t help, try MP3 instead of WMA. Try using
a different encoder and experiment with the bit rate.
You might find a combination that works better with
your player.

[I]I think[/I] I’ve narrowed it down a bit.

Only the songs the I personally have compressed are doing it.

I’ve only ever used Creative MediaSource Audio Converter and WMP11

Assuming bad encoding is the problem. Does any one have any suggestions for conversion/compression software?

Aha! You might be on to something.

I use Lame encoder for MP3 encoding. I run it on Linux,
but it also works well on Mac and Windows. It is free
and open-source.

This encoder is used by many different ripping/encoding programs

I like CDex or EAC for ripping, personally :slight_smile:

I see both of them use LAME so they should produce
very good quality MP3.

This reminded me of something I read in the FAQ/Help files for the CDex ripper. There’s a warning there that if you encode direct (“on the fly”) from an audio CD to MP3, this may produce click noises. The Helpfile suggests that to avoid this, CDex be set up to rip to WAV files first, [U]then[/U] encode to MP3.

Don’t know if this helps explain things in your case, but it may be a clue…