My movies stop after 45 min



i have copy several movies and the freeze after 30 a 45 min but wen i play the movies at my ps2 no problem i have triad several dvd players hiteker,philips and sony the al freeze what can by the problem thanks


Hello we need some more info here brand dvd’s you are burning to burning program ect…


If you haven’t already, try a good quality DVDR, like a Ritek, as from what you,ve said, it sounds like a media/compatibility issue.


i have burn whit recordnow and use princo dvd-r


You didn’t mention what DVD Burner/firmware you are using or whether you were burning at 1 X or 2 X or 4 X .

If 4 X or 2 X, you could try burning at 2 x or 1 X and see if that makes any difference. As mentioned above though, try using a good Ritek disk, like a Traxdata. If this doesn’t work, nothing will.