My movies burn fine but the volume is low



hey, i use nero vision express to burn avi to dvd-video. There is nothing wrong with the sound on the computer but when i burn some movies the sound is very low, making me have ot crank the volume on my reciever. Is there any way to boost the recording volume in nero or sume other way of increasing the volume of the file before burning?


Wouldn’t it be easier to copy from DVD to DVD?


Here try this


If you are using AC3 audio, be aware that default dynamic range settings are usually way too wide for everyday viewing. It may sound more dramatic if you have the right setup, but for many people, explosions and loud noises are unbelievably loud if they have the volume turned up to hear normal dialogue. Look for dynamic range compression settings both in Nero and for your playback device.


thx for the info, i will try and experiment with what u have suggested, will post results in a few days

NOTE i do use ac3 audio most often, will using 5.1 change my situation or will it be the same. i dont use pcm cause of the large file size it creates


Most any 5.1 setting [I]will[/I] use ac3. Just look for an automated setting like “living room” or if you can manually adjust, change the full range to something like 15db (IIRC, the default is from 3-25db or something similar).


this is very good demonstration but you need to add some explanation or instruction how he could do it.