My movies are all skipping...?

Haha, I loved your PM :slight_smile: I especially loved how you take pride in your attempt to quote “embarass” me, heh. By saying, “I used to”, there is no period of time defined. It could mean I stopped 3 days ago or I stopped months ago. Really… try harder next time :wink:

Oh, “no reply required” :slight_smile:

  1. Refrain from ex cathedra statements when your information is legally incorrect. Backing up DVDs in your possession is not illegal in many countries.
    Useful reading:

  2. I would like to draw your attention to the topic of the thread. Has skipping anything to do with legal matters? The answer is no. Legal issues are covered by another thread:

Yes, that’s for Europe. You fail to point out a site where it says all the other countries where it IS illegal. I’m speaking for the United States. Would I be saying, “Oh, you’re breaking your countries copyright law?” Did I say that? No. Like I said, I’m speaking for the United States. I could say the same thing about watching what you say to you also. I could tell you that you should be careful because in some countries it IS illegal. It works both ways, bud.

And excuse me for pointing out that something was illegal. What would you like me to do - create a whole thread in a completely different section regarding him? Did I not help him? Yes, I did :iagree: Ever heard of a side note? Oh, excuse me if those aren’t allowed here :bow:

For the sake of accuracy and correctness, as well as legally acceptable argumentation:

  1. No statement of yours was restricted to the prevailing laws of a certain country. You made a general comment to the illegal nature of an act without specifying any country.

„…And yes, backing up DVDs (even if they are your own) is illegal. You are circumventing the copyright protection and that’s illegal. You’re not gonna get caught… but still :-P…”

  1. Your modest try to subsequently explain your words is more an excuse than an acceptable argument. Formulate you thoughts unambiguously refraining from generalization in legal matters that are based on facts.

  2. It is a matter of personal abilities to recognize the proper place for any comment, let alone side notes that can provoke meaningless debates because of their disputable nature.

I’m over this thread now. If you’re not, then grow up. Please, act mature and move on.

I’m going to add you to my ignore list so I no longer have to deal with you.

Ahem…so about the skipping…it is true that Sony standalone DVD players are quite picky. Also, someone mentioned that Ritek is a good brand, a couple of their media runs are good, but they also have produced bad media. I would try some TY’s and burn at 4x max to test. It could be the DVD burner in the laptop, the DVD player, the media type, or a combination of the three.

I’ve never heard anything negative about Sony players but try reading some reviews at and see what media works for some people and what doesn’t. You can also see if you’re the only one having that problem or not.