My movies are all skipping...?


Just about all of my copied DVD’s play well for the first 30min-1hr, and then they start skipping… and shortly after they freeze up completely.

I copy using a Dell Inspiron 5160 Laptop with an 8x DVD+R burner. I don’t have the exact model number or brand with me right now.

I use SONY DVD+R 8X media, and my DVD Player is also from SONY. a 5-disc SONY DVD player I bought in 2003.

Any idea why I keep having problems playing my DVD’s?

Have you tried another dvd player ?

For the most part, all of the movies play better on my computer with minimal skipping. However, I have not tried another external DVD Player.

Do you think it has anything to do with the media, or the fact that i’m using a notebook to burn?

When I pull out a newly burned DVD from my computer, it’s as hot as fire! Could the heat have anything to do with the poor quality?

I believe that it is a media issue. I haven’t been impressed with anything that Sony has produced within the last 10 years.

What about a pressed dvd, does it play ok on your player? For the small amount of time I’ve been doing this I have learned that the media can make all the differance in the world, might not hurt to try another brand, I’ve had very good luck with verbatim. Can you try burning at a lower speed? that might help the heat problem.

I figured that since i’m using SONY media w/ a SONY player… that would be the best combination. I Guess not.

I’ve used several different media with much less luck. Ritek, TDK, and Maxell won’t play at all in my DVD player. At least the SONY disks play for the first hour.

I have never had any problems with original store-bought DVD movies. They never skip.

Also, I have tried burning at 1X, 2.4X, 4X, and 8X. Doesn’t seem to make much of a difference.

Actually, I just burned the movie “Closer” twice last night. 1X and 8X. The 8X played much better.

Well, what are you backing up? Are you backing up rental DVDs or your own?

Rental DVD’s for the most part, but even the times I back up my own movies…it starts skipping after a while.

Backing up rentals is illegal :wink: Why don’t you just buy the movie?

Try cleaning the DVD before you burn it. What works best for me is glass cleaner and that gets rid of most of the problems. If that doesn’t work then it is most likely a media issue. Also, it could be your player. You said that all those other media types that you’ve tried do that too. Try switching from +r to -r media or from +r to -r. All those other media types that you’ve tried are a good name… perhaps it’s your player?

every dvd I have made has come out of the burned slightly warm but never hot to the touch, it can’t be helping matters for it to be getting so hot. can you think of any way to cool the drive down?

Is it really illegal? My Bad !!!

As far as using -R Media… I’m pretty sure my Dell internal burner is +R/RW, that means I can’t use -R ?

I’ll try the glass cleaner idea. Hopefully it will improve things, but i’ve played plenty of rental DVD’s on my player with no problems…so I’m not too optimistic.

I’ve also used a DVD Cleaner on the player itself, but that didn’t improve anything.

Don’t clean the player if it plays retail DVDs fine. It has to be your player or the media. I’m thinking the player because you said you’ve tried Ritek. Ritek is a good name. Hm…

And yes, backing up DVDs (even if they are your own) is illegal. You are circumventing the the copyright protection and that’s illegal. You’re not gonna get caught… but still :stuck_out_tongue:

Try proping up the back of your laptop a little and put a small fan to where it will blow on the computer. With air flow all around it should help with the heat issue.

Careful… depends on the country’s law.

It is a “media, burner and standalone” complex problem. Sony standalones are known to be picky.

Solution might be to experiment with media: what is most suitable for your burner and burn at a low speed.

Iv had the same problem using Verbatim disks thy skipped towards the end of the movie. I solved the problem by slowing down the write speed. I was burning at 8x and slowed it down to 4x. You can try upgrading you burners firmware but do so at your own risk I just had a bad experience with doing that and had to buy a new drive.

Most notebooks don’t have good burners. That said, I would contact RIMA.COM and ask for a sample of 8X Taiyo Yuden DVD+R and DVD-R. Set the booktype of DVD+R media to DVD-ROM if possible. And always burn at 4X for best compatibility.

Do I sense a note of hypocrisy here?

Are you using Clonedvd and AnyDVD to make copies of home movies?

No, you don’t sense that because I do not back up my movies. I admit, I used to. But, I do not any longer so I am not being a hypocrite. I have the Blockbuster movie pass and I watch my movies. I feel better just watching and not burning.

I find your statement very interesting for someone who has 76 posts in a one month period on a DVD software burning forum. And need I say your membership started in March 2005, doesn’t sound like “I used to” to me.
I have nothing further to say on the matter, no reply required.