My movie is NOT 26 hours long



I’m having a hard time burning DVDs. I’m using media off an already-burned DVD, but I’ve tried numerous ways of copying, converting, saving the VOB files on my computer, and yet all the programs I’ve tried to use to make the DVD do this:

The VOB files when played in VLC media player are the correct length. The whole movie is there. But when I put it into various DVD maker programs, they manifest as clips that are only 30 seconds long.

Why? What can I do?:kiss:


If you search the forum here, you will find guides for backing up dvd’s. Step by step instructions and software suggestions…


i’m sorry, where?


Honestly, it’s not working. The VOB files are fine and dandy until I put them into windows movie maker/dvd maker. It’s a normal-length movie, but the program seems to think the first 3rd is 30 seconds long, the second is TWENTY SIX hours, and the last 4 seconds.



I downloaded and used DVDshrink, and this cd isn’t protected…just another burned copy. the problem is when i try to put it into a program that will burn it onto a new disc. (see length issue above)


Even if it is not protected, dvdshrink with nero/imgburn, or other programs, will make perfect copy of it… Or just try imgburn… There are dozens of guides here for copying a dvd…


I’ve already got a perfect copy of it. However, dvd maker software is not taking them… I get the most bizarre combination of files, like I say… a 26 hour long clip. No.


Where did you get this DVD in question?

Can you open it in Explorer and post a screen shot for us to see please.


Open it in explorer? Screen shot of…? Well, this is actually a burned dvd itself that I’m trying to make a copy of. And by copy, I mean, something that can be burned and played back on another DVD disc.


IMO this is your problem:windows movie maker/dvd maker.
Try to rip & burn a copy with something else.


Aha… well ok then… what’s the best freeware?


[B]Recap of problem after thread merge[/B]

Hi, I’m burning a DVD.

I have the movie saved on my computer as 3 (continuous) VOB files.

Now, when I play these 3 VOB files as they are saved, it plays a movie that is perfectly fine and complete. I use VLC media player.

However, when I try to put it into any DVD-maker software, my 3 separate files manifest as something extremely ridiculous: Instead of 3 files each making up a third of the movie…this is what they look like:

1/3= 30 seconds long.
2/3= 26 hours
3/3= 4 seconds long.

Now, this movie is about 80 minutes. WHY am I getting a file that is supposedly 26 hours long? Not even kidding. TWENTY. SIX. HOURS. So of course I’m not able to make/burn this DVD.

Windows Movie maker, Windows DVD maker, SoThink Movie DVD maker, and Movie DVD maker [I]have not worked.[/I]


Please, I’ve read the guides, the step-by-steps, everything- I’d love just a thoughtful, concise reply. Thanks.


If you have this on a disc, stick that disc in your drive, go to My Computer & right click on the drive icon, from the drop down menu choose open. You should see two files, AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS. Burn this with ImgBurn using Build Mode.

Where you get three VOB files from a burnt disc is beyond me though.


why don’t you use DVD Shrink and compress the files…i’m sure then you’d get a more accurate reading


ifm you want help then please do what we are asking you
BOB wanted a screen shot


My movie is NOT 26 hours long.

But obviously the header file(s) corrupted or not properly right.
Just use a dvd authoring soft, or dvdshrink.


[B]@voglesque:[/B] As has been pointed out to you, please do not post the same problem over the forums. It’s hard to co-ordinate replies and is very frustrating for members trying to help you.

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voglesque;I don’t know how else to put this the problem is with windows movie maker/dvd maker.That is what ripped the “26 hour”.VOB obviously this is not correct.I have windows movie maker/dvd maker on my Vista & thought it would do this but I gave it another try to make sure.I loaded it with files from a burned backup of a movie & then from a commercial movie disc.When .VOBs were opened in windows movie maker from either there were the 26hour .VOBS.More than one.
Next .Vobs are not one of the Media types acceptable to windows movie maker the only way it will open them is in “all files” this is usually an indication a program can NOT properly handle that type of file.
So you need to start over & rip with a good program .Several are freeware.
Since it is

[QUOTE=voglesque;2042994] an already-burned DVD, [/QUOTE]
It should already be 4.36GB or less.If it is in this size range.You can use ImgBurn(freeware & many agree one of the best) in Build mode to build an .iso to the hard drive.Then you can write from this .iso or the .mds to a blank DVD.The result will be DVD files on the New disc.
This should give you an exact copy of the original.There are plenty of tutorials on ImgBurn if you need more information.
To end this Windows Movie Maker is a peice of JUNK & Windows DVD Maker is a peice of JUNK.That’s about as polite as I can put it.