My monitor can’t display as much detail as a regular TV. Can anyone help?



Hello, everyone here. The DVD playback quality on my monitor screen is not what I’ve expected. My monitor can’t display as much detail as a regular television set. Can anyone explain why?

I am using a 17-inch CRT monitor that came with the emachines which I bought on November 2005. I have just done a side by side comparison with a 32-inch regular television set (not HDTV) I bought in 1996. The result is that my monitor can’t display as much detail as my TV; adjust contrast and brightness would not help.

It is especially easy to notice this on a darker scene. While I can clearly see many houses (although very dark) on my TV screen, I can only see a few window lights on my monitor screen. Adjust contrast and brightness will only make the windows glow a little brighter and houses can never appear.

I have no idea what caused this to happen. I searched everywhere on the internet but can’t find any discussion of this issue. Since I have had some very good experiences with this forum, I decide to post my question here.

I am not sure if it is because my monitor is not good enough? Or because I need a better video card? Or because my software is too old (I use PowerDVD 5.0)? Or simply because I don’t know how to set up my monitor? It is currently at 1024 x 768, 32bit color.

My monitor looked great when used to display still pictures (use Kodak software) so I really not sure if getting a more expensive monitor is the solution. Any information given is appreciated.


Did u try to adjust ur CRT thru its own menue?
I use 19" crt and tried powerdvd6, if u browse the menues its got all sorts of adjustments.


Yes, I did adjust every adjustment that I know how to work with through CRT’s menu. But that does not solve the problem a bit. Can you point out which adjustment(s) will likely to cure the issue I mentioned above?


Try this (ver.6) thru configuration menu when running a movie.