My modem doesn't work any more



I upgraded my toshiba tecra 8100 from windows 200 to XP and the v90 toshiba modem is not being recorgnised by windows.
Is there a driver to update it ?


have you tried a search in google?
i got an old haupagge tv card that wasent supported past win 98 but found a driver that works with xp.
i think the web site was


Looked here ?


Mr Belvedere’s suggestion is correct.

With Notebooks / Laptops the built-in peripherals are usually (for want of a better description) implemented differently and therefore the standard operating system built-in driver often does not work. You need the Toshiba Tecra <model-number> drivers for WinXP. You may also find that things like display, audio and built-in pointing devices will work better or have more features (or sometimes just work).

Your issue is a common one when an operating system upgrade for a Notebook / Laptop is not sourced from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).