My mobile needs updating

my mobile is getting a bit old and i feel embaresed :o :o :o when it aint got all the features of modern phones cash is short so i modded it :wink:

LOL :bigsmile:

That’s cool. Bit of a bugger though when it comes to batteries.

A true engineering marvel!

Bah! It’s not purple.

why do you own a … well… umm… that white looking contraption

to get the vibrate feature…and i mean VIBRATE.

[QUOTE=nytvd]to get the vibrate feature…and i mean VIBRATE.[/QUOTE ]

correct thats the best feature put it in your pocket and ring it :smiley:

I paid 109,000 Won or a little over 100 USDs… to fix my SPH-S2300, Samsung’s first 3-megapixel camera phone. :frowning:

Dirty Samsung.

OH Kenny …!! they are bad people!!! that is robbery …

Yep, robbery on a scale of billions… while they bribe politicians of this never-developed country (in politics.) :Z (Just statistics… Samsung’s also officially the largest briber in South Korea but never seriously punished because the whole economy is their hostage.)