My Mic Dont sound as loud anymore

Whats good yall iM Sicc Wid iT Rapper From Az i need help 4realz i hooked my studio up like a good week ago i use a MXL V63M connected to a phantom power straight to my pc… but when i first got the mic and phantom power it worked fine clear & loud and everything then i say about 3 days later wen i record it sound muffled and only play on one speaker (right side) do you think its because my sound card blew out because when i record and it sound muffled i will pay a song then it sound muffled… or do you think its the cord i use thats just was cheap and dont work no more???
plz give me a response asap

Yo yo yo… Dude… Sounds like ya busted yor sound card for realz…

word?? thanks for the reply so quik… you dont think there would b no other reason?? i hope i did so doe so i aint gotta go copp no new mic…Lol…il jz go get a sound card…but newayz yea it get muffled up and my mic wont have its bass like it use 2 and sound low no matter how much i put preamp 2 it

Either that or your speakers blew. But that would be easy to test by connecting them to some other working amp.

the speaker did not blow it plays songs but when i connect my mic it will work but b very low then if i keep recording it will sound muffled like my mic cant get no louder how much i scream in the mic or turn the volume… my bass in the mic is not loud and when it get muffled every song i play wil come out muffled…so you think its my sound card???

my sound card works its j wen i plug in my mic then my mic messes up the sound card

To be honest, if you would try typing like a normal person maybe more people would be willing to assist you. If you can’t take the time to type complete words in your question(s), why would we take time to help you?

Spelling mistakes are one thing, but your posts make me just not want to read them completely.


can anybody help me…Asap…
idk if i blew out my recording sound card but it still records… its just that it dont record loud and the bass sound like it dont pick up no more

think its my sound card???

Help asap!!!

Have you at least tried your microphone on someone else’s soundcard?

Have you opened your sound card settings, by double clicking on the little speaker in your system tray, and then select Advanced Settings. Then you have sliders there for linein and MIC or MIC IN. Try moving the sliders up a little bit and see if that helps.